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By Stephanie Schulte | | The Press-Enterprise Even as San Manuel Casino starts construction on a $550 million expansion , the Highland complex is still making changes inside its current gaming area most recently with the addition of a giant blackjack table. The new Blazing 7s Blackjack arena opened in the Rockin Casino area of the propertyFriday, Aug. 10. We originally talked about adding more blackjack tables. We already have over 100 table games and wanted to do something really different and creative, Peter Arceo, San Manuels chief operating officer of gaming, said in a phone interview. The arena which sits in the former promotion area between George Lopezs Chingon Kitchen and Rock & Brews features six tables fused together in a circle, allowing up to 36 people to play with up to six dealers while six different games go on at the same time. Arceo said the circular table opens at noon and runs until 2 a.m. daily. Friends like to play together and sometimes cant and have to split up because theres only one or two spots open at the tables, Arceo said. With the arena weve created a bar-type setup where people can sit side by side so its a more social experience and friends can stick together. He said the new hub is ideal for bachelorette and birthday parties or any group that wants to play together. The table is busiest in the evenings, he said.

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